Prophesy coming true!

Prophesy coming true!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

    " America is under Attack from it's own President "

             Obama is a Cultural Marxist invested in destroying the only force on earth capable of stopping the one hope he strives for and that is The Rise of an Islamic Caliphate.That force is Judeo Christian Society here in America and around the world.To defeat us he has to undo two thousand years of Judeo Christian Theology because it is ingrained in every aspect of our lives.Cultural Marxism seeks to separate us from our beliefs, traditions and culture before it can impose it's ideology upon us. Our very way of life, as we have known it since the inception of America, is on the Cultural Marxists chopping block.
            If you believe in Traditional America Obama and his handlers are going to con, scam, coerce and bully you and every other American into accepting their ideology or they will strip you of Government Funds and your Freedoms.If he succeeds to any level with this approach he will become emboldened and push for even more agregess ploys to impose his goal of bringing down America while flooding the country with illegal non English speaking immigrants who will de stabilize the nation and dilute The Patriotic Verve of The American People. He told the world, before he became President, what he was going to do but too few people listened to his words.
            Obama is banking on Americans caving into his demands based on the selfish nature that they have developed under years of Marxist indoctrination and propaganda propagated in our Public Schools over the past ninety years but especially since the formation of The Department of Education and the removal of prayer from schools and The Public Square!
              Just before Obama was anointed 2008 a book was released called “Forty more years of Liberalism” by The Raging Cajun, whose name I forget.In that book he described how Obama was going to win and how Liberalism was going to expand and take over the country because they had done their work of shifting the demographics of the country and manipulated the minds of our youth to the point that they would have a political monopoly on the rise!
                The projection may come true if Obama and Clinton are not stopped.The Silent Majority has risen because of disgust for The GOP Quislings ,Obama’s policies, his deceitful and arrogant persona and the dread of losing their country and freedoms but he is not finished and several more months of despicable actions against The Judeo Christian Fabric of America lies ahead.

                 The Question is what can Americans do to stop this assault on their homeland by their own elected President.If you are sincere in wishing to contribute to the challenge ahead of us it requires getting off the coach and getting involved.If you cannot run for elected Local, State and Federal office then throw you finacial and physical help behind those that have and will take up the mantle to defeat The Rising Tide of Cultural Marxism as cloaked by The Former Democrat Party of America. Call and write your elected representatives.Go on Facebook and other social media and express your disgust for what is happening to your way of life and rail against Political correctness every time you meet with it. When you can vote do it and teach your children, if you know, about The Promise that America Offers if you don’t find out and teach.Live your life in a manner that will be an example to all around you of how Americans used to be.
                  Make the sacrifice and invest in your children’s future by getting them out of Government Schools and putting them into religious or Charter Schools or home school. If you can divorce yourself and family from Government money and when,and you should, go to Town-hall meetings lobby your fellow citizens to move to stop taking money from The State and Federal Governments!

                                        My Sainted Irish Parents always taught us;

                      “ Never a borrower nor a lender be for neither will set you free.”

                  It is because Americans have forgotten the lessons of their Forefathers that Politicians today can blackmail us, into doing their ideological bidding, with our own money.If you want it save for it, get out of debt and gain the Freedom America Promises those who a willing to work to build a life for their Family unfettered by Government Interference.Regain your Personal Freedom and contribute to American Freedom!