Prophesy coming true!

Prophesy coming true!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

We have not been Vigilant!

                                    "Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty"

We have allowed our politicians to distract us from our appointed duties as Citizens through indulgence in our own self interests.We have allowed ourselves to be duped into believing that we can have anything our base nature desires and we have forsaken our God Given Rights and responsibilities to our Families,Friends and our Country.
If we are to pull back from the brink of Tyranny and Serfdom that looms ominously before us we must claim back our power as "We The People".We must forsake our self indulgences for now and work together to insure results at the polls that will restore a balance in Congress and a Presidency that represents the will of "We The People".The role of the Constitution as the blue print for America's formation and continued maintenance must be reasserted and only those who will follow the direction of this hallowed script should be elected by " We The People".

"All power comes from the people to their representatives.All power can be removed from the representatives by the people if the people are awake at their posts".