Prophesy coming true!

Prophesy coming true!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Judeo Christianity lives today despite Obama and Cultural Marxism!

                    The Message of Christianity

 Our prayers are out of school,our babies dead in the womb,our marriages undone,our children injected with ungodly cultural poison,our churches empty and our liberties frayed but they have not touched the Core of our Faith. 

The Gospel is the core message of Christianity. Without the gospel, there is no Christianity.

Our Faith has survived for 2000 years through unspeakable persecution,torture and death but it’s adversaries have never been able to eradicate The Message for that is engrained in our souls! The message does not need a church,a school or any other building to be spread.All that is needed is Faith in your Fellow Human.

Do for him and he will do for you .Betray him and you betray yourself. It is a symbiotic relationship that Christianity has taught for 2000 years.It will not be erased by our Godless Community Organiser!